Amanda George
Both my son and I were and are impressed by her ability as both a tutor and a mentor. She is an inspirational teacher.
I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is more than suited and qualified to teach individuals or groups of all ages.
Samantha Bayley
‘Not only is Sam an excellent teacher, but she is also kind and approachable. Sam has helped me reach my full potential. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons with her and any future student would be very lucky to have her as their teacher.’
Jon Lewis
Jon was firm but patient and took all the time required to explain and re explain everything our daughter had learnt in class which solidified her knowledge and gave her confidence going into the exam.
I would highly recommend Jon to any student who needs extra support to pass Maths GCSE.
Kath Beynon-Tullett
Alongside her vast experience of primary school teaching, she is always really enthusiastic and encouraging. Learning is always completed through the boys' interests and there is always lots of laughter to be heard when they are working together which is great to hear. I would absolutely have no hesitation  in recommending Kath.
Murielle Mellor
Thank you so much Murielle for the year of tutoring. You unlocked my potential as a linguist, unlocking my confidence in it too, making me love French and realize that I want to learn foreign languages. You are the reason I am doing French at uni, alongside English and so, in that sense, you have really changed my life. Thank you.
Hannah Russell
Our son found (Hannah) easy to work with, engaging and importantly at that age- fun! She explained the topics in a way he understood and challenged him in the right way to improve. By the end of his schooling, he was more confident in his knowledge and his teachers had noted a marked improvement.