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For students taking 11+ exams or applying to independent schools we offer experienced tutors who can support in the preparation for 11+, ISEB (Independent School Examination Board) and common entrance exams.

The main focus of 11+ exams is Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning tests, though some independent schools also use their own selection criteria with exams in Maths, English and Science as well. Much of the preparation for 11+ can be done by practising Verbal reasoning and Non-Verbal reasoning test papers at home with parental support. If additional help is required our tutors can assess the ability of students and provide a programme of tuition that is engaging and enjoyable, aiming to develop skills and academic ability as well as prepare pupils for specific exams.

11+ tuition can be one to one with an individual tutor or may be offered as small activity groups (6 maximum) so that pupils practise skills and exam techniques in an environment which also helps to prepare them for the exam itself. 11+ exams take place early in the autumn term of year 6 so it is generally advised that students start preparation in the autumn term of year 5 to allow plenty of time to secure knowledge and skills and practise exam techniques. Final preparation for the 11+ exams takes place in August and September. Please get in touch to find out more.

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