On this course, students will discover and develop abilities they never knew they had, and which can boost their confidence and their progress. They will learn effective methods for memorisation and recall, and discover that their memory is better than they thought it was. They will learn how to do effective research and apply critical thinking to sources of information. They will develop lateral thinking skills for approaching problem solving in new and more creative ways. In addition, students will learn techniques to improve their time management, organisation, note-taking, and teamworking skills.

The course can be adapted to suit particular students in terms of which skills are included and how long the course lasts. The course is particularly recommended for pairs or small groups but is also offered as one-to- one tuition. It is available to, and recommended for, secondary school students of all ages.

Note that there is some overlap with the Exam and Revision Techniques course, in the areas of memorisation techniques, time management, and organisation.