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Judith Grazier

Maths  | Accounting | Business Studies

Subjects and Levels:

Maths – KS2, KS3, GCSE (Foundation)

Business Studies – GCSE, A level

Accounting – A level

Qualifications and Experience:

B Ed (Hons) – University of Warwick

Mathematics specialist teacher in Middle School (9-13 years of age)

ICAEW – Chartered Accountant

Certificate in Professional Studies

Director of HLC Business School

Assistant Head (Head of Lower School)

Teacher of A level Accounting & Business Studies

Teacher of KS3 Maths

Availability and Areas Covered:

Harrogate/Knaresborough area

Available Monday and Tuesday, after school and evening

Tuition in tutor’s home or student’s home, by agreement


£30 per hour (KS2)

£35 per hour (KS3 and GCSE)


As an experienced teacher, I enjoy working with young people, helping to build their confidence and to support them as they recognise their personal strengths and challenges. Most pupils face difficulties at one time or another and I am particularly interested in guiding them as they build their skills of resilience and perseverance. I encourage and support pupils to approach each task in a positive manner and to help them to understand, that with practice and application, there is no limit to their achievement. Helping a pupil to take some personal responsibility for their learning can set them on a path to success.

It can be an easy option for a pupil to say, ‘I am no good at maths’. I take pleasure in helping a pupil who is perhaps over-faced and lacking confidence in the subject, to see that with a little support, application and practice they can tackle the subject head-on and have some fun along the way. Enjoyable and interesting tasks can create a happy learner; who is, of course, a more effective learner. Often, my approach with children who are struggling is to go backwards, to re-visit the mathematical building blocks. Once the foundations are secure, greater progress can be made. The ‘one-to-one’ approach enables conversations to be focused, misunderstandings to be recognised and teaching to be personalised.

I enjoy working at both ends of the academic spectrum, both building the confidence of pupils who struggle and providing stretch and challenge to those pupils who find maths particularly fascinating. It can be difficult for a mathematically strong pupil to find someone who is happy to ‘talk’ maths; encouraging an able pupil to think and approach topics outside their comfort zone is particularly satisfying for both tutor and pupil.

A period of my career has been spent in the corporate world. This rich and stimulating experience taught me the importance of ‘life skills’; communication, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, resilience and having a positive attitude. I believe that these skills can be developed in all pupils from early years to the sixth form and in my teaching, I look for every opportunity to build these skills in my pupils.


I could not recommend Judith highly enough. She is an excellent classroom practitioner – thorough, organised and highly professional. She slotted right in to the maths department at GSAL and quickly gained the respect of students and colleagues alike.

O. Fitzsimmons, GSAL

Judith would make an excellent tutor. Her Maths, Business and Accounting knowledge is fantastic and she is a great teacher. With the examination classes she taught her value added was always one of the highest in the school. I observed Judith’s lessons on a number of occasions and they were always outstanding –she can make the driest material exciting and interesting!

C. Preece HLC


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