Our Services

We are aware that many students get stressed or overwhelmed with the demands of ‘keeping up’ at school and this can be exacerbated in the lead up to exams. Tutors can help students organise themselves more efficiently which can play an important part in reducing stress. Tutors can help by:-

  • Encouraging students to organise notes, books and folders more effectively
  • Helping students to plan revision timetables
  • Assessing work and giving clear, positive and constructive feedback
  • Helping students to understand difficult concepts
  • Tackling tricky exam questions in a supportive environment
  • Teaching exam and revision techniques
  • Boosting confidence, independence and organizational skills
  • Providing strategies for parents to get involved and provide support
  • Recommending general stress management techniques


Students showing signs of more severe stress or anxiety are a concern, not least because stress can reduce the ability to think clearly and adversely affects performance and the general health of the individual. In these cases, we may recommend stress management counsellors who can provide more specific advice on managing and reducing stress.

We will also be offering stress management courses and workshops run by highly qualified Harrogate counsellors. These will be aimed at both students and their parents to alleviate some of the anxiety caused by the pressure of exams. Please get in touch for more information.