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Does your son or daughter worry about their future? Do you worry about their future?

As a career coach, I meet young people who don’t know what to do as a career and this can make them stressed. I always try to reassure them that it doesn’t matter yet, just do things you enjoy - but at the same time it’s important to explore.

Doing research and being aware of what’s on offer is a great way to open their eyes to possibilities and help put negative thoughts aside.

 Without action, they can’t expect anything to change, so the stress will remain.

As parents, we can help them to develop skills and qualities like communication, listening and self confidence. But your son or daughter has to at some stage make decisions about their career path and they should be doing this with confidence.

 Self-awareness is a good starting point. Remember that it’s only the beginning and much more needs to be explored beyond any online automated quiz or test. One size doesn’t fit all!

Where can you start? Here are three websites to get them going.

The Buzz Quiz - identifies your personality type by matching you to an animal. Get the whole family to have a go and discuss what animal you are. Have a chat as a family - do you agree? I got a group of adults to do this the other day and it was amazing how accurate they all thought it was!

Career Pilot - links academic subjects to careers. Remember most universities or employers will accept any academic subject combination (there are exceptions such as engineering, medicine, and architecture.)

 Prospects - a great website used mainly by graduates, but we use the careers section with school students too. It’s full of useful videos, information and resources.

 If your son or daughter wants to dive deeper, we offer Morrisby assessments with personal feedback including a career coaching session and a full action plan. Priced at just £108 this is a brilliant investment as login is for life and assessments can be retaken. It covers academic subject choices and course choices beyond school, links to UCAS, universities, apprenticeships and careers. The scientifically based assessments ensure the young person is confident with their choices knowing their aptitudes, strengths and preferences, learning style, personality type; the career suggestions are based on these. If you want to see a sample report or have an initial chat, please get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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